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It is your sole responsibility when you have a pet to ensure that the pet stays healthy and you can keep the dog as fit as possible . However, it can be very challenging to feed the pet medicine due to different things.

The dog may not want to take medicine due to the smell of medicine. You may can hide the medicine in the dogs food but at the end of the day the dog may end up smelling the medicine and leave it behind.

When looking for treats you may look for treats made by companies like Betsy Farms. If you are going to choose a treat to ensure that the challenges that you meet on your daily basis are dealt with precision hence making the health care of the animal an easy one.

Chicken grilled feeds are also treated this is a type of treatment that is given to a dog or a pet in order to increase the protein of the dog since the chicken grill is made up of pure chicken is highly composed of healthy proteins.

When feeding your animal that is the dog you may feed him or her sweat grilled meatballs that are made of chicken this is because the dog usually occasionally fed supplements this supplements may be given to the dog if you think it is necessary for it to feed.

You can maintain the health of the dog by feeding him with a product that some companies like Besty Farms produce this is the pig ears this type of treatment is used to remove the plaque of the dog since it is made up of hiding that is tough and it really helps I the animal’s teeth problem.

To increase the protein intake, you may also give your dog treats however when choosing the treat from companies, for instance, the Betsy farm’s teats ensure that you have read what is included in the treat .

Giving your pet naturally made treat is the best since the treats requires no additional ingredients this may include the natural thing if it is pure chicken then no colour or flavor should be added since the animal may react to the additives.

The dog treats can be used to do different activities in dogs this may include when you want to train the dog you may give the dog a treat after the dog has performed an act or a state that you wanted him or her to perform.

You can also hide the smelling medicine that the dog is not comfortable swallowing hence you can be able to administer the medicine to the dog with no troubles at all hence makes work easy.

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